Why Online Dating is perfect for Single Mums and Dads

Finding Mr or Mrs Right isn’t easy and if you are a single parent it can become even more complicated. This scenario probably sounds familiar…

You are on your first date and things are going really well, you both seem to have a good time and there’s an obvious connection. However you haven’t told your date that you come as part of a package. Often, when you mention the C word (by which I mean children of course!) they run faster than a bolting horse during a bonfire night, leaving you to deal with the setback and rejection. You may be tempted to withhold the fact that you are a single parent, but it’s always a better strategy to be honest right from the start – ideally before a first date. That way you save yourself a whole lot of frustration, time and disappointment.

Which is why online dating is the a great solution for single mums and dads. It gives you the freedom to explore your options. You can search for similar preferences, set your profile so that others know what to expect and screen those interested in you before committing to a face to face meeting. You can even get the kids to tell you what they think.

The right person might be waiting behind their PC at this exact moment, so what are you waiting for? Go online and get dating!

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