Success With Plenty More Fish

Hi PMF Peeps, we’ve just received this lovely story and photograph of Howard and Wendy who met on 

Needless to say we get very giddy with excitement when we hear such wonderful news and wish them both a blissfully happy and long future together. This is their story:

Both Wendy and I had joined the dating site last year to hopefully meet someone to share another relationship with. We were both divorced last year and felt it was the right time to move on. We found each other through the adverts on the site and at first I saw Wendy and thought what a wonderful profile she had and a “cheeky smile and looks to match”.

I made contact and asked if Wendy she would like to chat, to which Wendy replied yes. After a few brief exchanges through the chat side of the site, both Wendy and I agreed to swap numbers and started chatting on the phone. We both lived local and made arrangements to meet for afternoon coffee and lunch. The first date went really well and we both got on really well with each other. I already had a good feeling about Wendy, which I think people on the site call “chemistry”. We met again and things where really good, it was near valentine’s day and both Wendy and I exchanged cards with some really romantic verses.

We have now been together for 2 months and have had lovely days out, walking on the beach in the snow at Filey and we are about to have our very first romantic weekend away. Both Wendy and I are now an item and are looking forward to our future together with holidays planned and more romantic times to come.

I can sum up by saying to anyone out there on the site that in my profile said “you have to pull the weeds out the garden first to see the true flower that you like” and that is what I did. Wendy is the sweetest flower I have ever seen. You must wait for the right person and if you wait, you will find your flower.

Good luck to everyone out there, you will find your soul mate as long as you are prepared to wait and not go for second best.

Howard and Wendy

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