Is age just a number?

Madonna & Brahim, Demi & Ashton and Clooney & Stacy are just a few celebrity couples with large age gaps. The media tend to make a huge deal about age gaps and fob it off as some kind of publicity stunt. Surely if they are happy then age shouldn’t matter? I mean, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been married for 6 years now so to call this a publicity stunt would be ridiculous.

I couldn’t help thinking though, in the ‘real world’ can relationships really work when couples have an age gap of 20 years or so? As nice as the saying “age is just a number” is, is 20 years perhaps just too much of an age difference to share common interests and similarities which can often form the base of a relationship?

I’m curious as to what our members think. How much of an age gap is TOO much. Answer in our poll below!

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2 responses to “Is age just a number?”

  1. Andrew says :

    People say age doesn’t matter.. but when it comes to the crunch, it often does.

  2. PlentyMore says :

    Thanks for you comment Andrew! Interesting. What makes you say this?

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