Things men say or do that make women mad!

After posting “things women say or do that make men crazy“, we thought it only fair to write a similar piece with some of the things men say or do that make us ladies want to pull our hair out..*sigh*.

As before, we asked around the usual social media channels and have come up with the following most annoying male traits (according to women).

The wandering eye

Your walking along with your partner and an attractive women walks past with a short skirt on. Your eyes drift off before popping out like a google-eyed cartoon character. Don’t think we don’t notice…!

Not enough warning

You tell us we need to be ready in 30 minutes. HANG ON. 30 minutes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How are we supposed to wash, dry, straighten our hair, get dressed and apply make-up all in 30 minutes. Physically impossible. More warning please.

Watching sport…ALL.DAY.LONG.

You tell us you want to spend time with us. We come round to find you on the sofa in front of the football. The game ends and OH LOOK IT’S ANOTHER MATCH. We can’t seem to coax you off the sofa, no matter how hard we try!


Not noticing a new haircut or colour was a popular pet peeve amongst the ladies. We go to quite an effort to look nice. Notice it 🙂

Pretend they’re listening

They’re talking. You’re nodding along. They ask you a question and you just look at them blankly. Sound familiar? You weren’t listening…were you? This seems to make a lot of women mad!

How do I look?

When you’re asked about a females appearance “alright, yeah” is not a compliment.  It seems to be the popular response amongst the men folk and yes, it makes us women mad! A slightly more enthusiastic response would be appreciated!

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