Things women say or do that make men crazy!

After picking the brains of our Twitter followers and consulting the guys in the plenty more towers, we have come up with a collection of things women say or do that are likely to make the men folk crazy.

Oh and don’t worry ladies, “things men say/do that make women crazy!” will be up tomorrow. Well, it’s only fair!

Going back to bad boyfriends

He treated you bad, you moan about it and then you go back. Sorry ladies, guys DO have a point here.

Bringing up things said and/or done days/months or even years later

You get into an argument and the female of the species brings up that time you forgot to feed the cat 3 weeks ago. Ironically, you had totally forgotten all about that.

Late for everything

This seems to be a particular pet hate amongst the guys. The general consensus was; “Yes. We know you want to look nice but you should start getting ready earlier.”

“What are you thinking”/ “What’s up with you?”

The general vibe was; “Just because I’m quiet, it does not mean anything’s up. If I tell you I’m not thinking about anything, I’m actually not. Get over it.”

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

This conversation is never going to have a happy ending. Yes? No? We don’t know what the answer is… If we say yes will you be insulted? If we say no, will you accuse us of being a liar? We can’t win!

“My ex used to…”

Turns out, guys don’t like to be compared to your ex. Anyway, if your ex was so amazing then why aren’t you still with him? Hmm…

If you are curious about what habits vex the ladies – check out this previous post

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