What makes #agoodboyfriend or #agoodgirlfriend?

Twitter peeps (AKA Tweeps :)) have most recently been describing the attributes of a good boyfriend/girlfriend. We decided to do a little research and find out exactly what people think this means.

So, according to some great tweeps here’s what makes a good boyfriend:

Great advice ladies, especially the one about squishing  mouldy sandwiches into your hair- that’s not an attractive quality!

Now over to the guys. What do you look for in a good girlfriend…?

So that’s what the twitter folk are saying right now. Pssstt.. Maybe fella number 2 would have a good girlfriend if he were a little tidier 😉

MATCHMAKER ALERT. We think we have made a match made in heaven here. To the guy looking for a #goodgirlfriend, we think you would totally get on with the lady wishing to find a #goodboyfriend. Our work is done here…*skips off* 🙂

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