Picture perfect!

If you have read our recent email, you will be aware that by simply uploading a profile pic  you will be MUCH more likely to receive greater winks and messages from potential dates.  Put yourself in the position of others… would you message someone without knowing what they looked like?!

We thought we would take things a little further and give you a few more tips to help you upload the perfect profile picture and in turn, become a great catch on plentymorefish.com! So pay attention folks and let Jen, our marketing girlie take you through her profile pic do’s and don’t’s…

The “Check out my ex” photo. I have come across several photos similar to the above and if I’m honest,  all have been a bit of a  turn-off. Just like the rule about not mentioning your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend on a first date, don’t upload a pic of you and your ex on your dating profile..even if it is just her/his arm. It may imply that you are not quite over them. It may also cause your potential date to feel slightly put out about the prospect of being cut out of a photo in the future. All in all it’s a bad move and should be avoided.

The “Check out my abs” photo. OK guys, this ones for you. No matter how “buff” you are I would strongly advise wearing a top in your profile picture. Amongst the ladies, it often gives the impression of arrogance can come across a little cheesy. If you want to receive more attention then your safe bet would be to put that top back on!

The perfect photo. This is a great example of a perfect profile picture. There’s an interesting background however the picture of the woman still remains very clear. Having an interesting background will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. It can also spark off great conversation from a potential date e.g. “Really nice picture, where about’s are you?” etc.

The smiley photo.  Note the sarcasm here:|  Does this guy look approachable to you? I think not! It may seem obvious but remember to smile in your photo– this applies to everyone. By showing a friendly face you will become instantly more approachable.

The fuzzy/ bad quality photo. Always make sure that your picture is of high quality. It may make people think you are trying to hide something. This applies to wearing sunglasses in a photo too. Members will be much more likely to bypass your profile in a search if they can’t see your face properly.

The “Can you spot me” photo. As beautiful as this photo is, it’s a definite “no, no” as a profile picture. There’s absolutely no problem with uploading it as an extra photo but it’s not a good move to have it as your main picture. The main reason for this; no one can see you! You are the one that people will want to date, not the mountains!

The Perfect photo. This is another example of a great profile picture. It’s extremely clear and the guy looks very approachable and good fun to be around! Having a photo like this will be sure to make you a very popular Plenty More Fish member!

The “Can you guess who I am?” photo. The straightforward answer is; “No.” Unless you clearly state in your status “the one on the left is me”  then no one will know who you are and this could result in less interest. You could however add a photo like this as an extra photo with a comment saying who you are. However, you MUST always ask the other person for their approval before adding it.

The “date my pet” photo. OK, I’ll be the first to admit that this dog is extremely adorable but in all honesty you are COMPLETELY hindering your dating experience. It’s simply not a good idea to put your pooch as your profile picture…no matter how much you love him. Potential dates will be more likely to skip your profile in a search. Remember, it’s YOU they will be dating…not your pet!

Other profile picture “no, no’s” I can think of are:

– Putting a picture of your child/children as your profile picture

– Uploading a 20 year old photo as your profile picture. Just be honest- it will only hinder you in the long run.

If you have ever come across any other profile pic “no, no’s” and feel that I have missed some out then please comment below and let me know!

Right, that’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed my ranting and I expect to see some more fabulous profile pictures! 🙂

Oh and remember…

Having a great profile picture can seriously increase your likelihood of being winked at – which falls in very nicely with our current competition. We will be giving away 6 theatre vouchers to the 3 most winked at fella’s and 3 most winked at ladies. This competition is on till the end of April so get uploading!!!

Jen 🙂 x

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