Do you have a “type”?

According to anthropologist, Helen Fisher we are all attracted to a particular type. This type could be an “Explorer”, “Builder”, “Negotiator” or “Director.” To discover your type according to Fisher you can take the online quiz here. However, as we found, you have to enter a Zip code rather than a postal code such as; “32043”, so if you enter this it should work! Oh- It’s quite a lengthy quiz so make sure you have enough time to spare!!!

Ok, so what do the different types actually mean?

The Explorer

The explorer tends to be “risk-taking, novelty-seeking, curious, creative, spontaneous, energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic.”

The Builder

These people are calm, social, popular, cautious, but not fearful. Very managerial, they’re very good at networking and family’s very important to them. They’re traditional, conventional, often religious.

The Director

They’re direct, decisive, tough-minded and often understand music very well because music is very structural. They’re competitive, ambitious and very good at spatial relations.

The Negotiator

These people see the big picture. They’re very flexible, imaginative and intuitive. They’re compassionate and verbal.

Who suits who?

Explorer types tend to be drawn to other explorers because they want somebody who’s energetic and enthusiastic, adventurous, curious and creative.

The Builder types, who are very traditional, cautious, skilled socially and into their family also go for people like themselves.

But the Director goes for the negotiator and the negotiator goes for the director. The director doesn’t have the people skills that the negotiator has and therefore is drawn to them because they’re  gracious, verbal and compassionate. The negotiator is drawn to the director for the opposite reason.

So what type are you and which type do you go for?!

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