Cheap (but meaningful) dates

Want to go on a fabulous date but don’t want it to cost the earth? Well, PlentyMoreFish to the rescue!!! We have been racking our brains at the PlentyMore Towers and have come up with some fun and creative date ideas without the expensive price-tag.

By getting a little creative, most people will appreciate the effort you went to much more than the cost involved.

Our date ideas include:

– A Picnic. A perfect date idea to keep in mind for when the weather gets a little warmer. May be seen as slightly “old school” but you can jazz it up by adding on another date idea.

– Visiting a Museum. If your date is interested in a particular date, surprise him/ her by visiting a relevant museum

– Visiting an Art Gallery, a Cathedral or Church. If your date is interested in art and/or architecture this cultural date will definitely impress!

Local markets (flea markets, Christmas markets etc…) Definitely lots to see here and you definitely won’t get bored!

City walks. Or, any kind of walk! We wouldn’t recommend walking in a remote area for the first date but a nice walk in a picturesque part of the city would be perfect.

– Cheap/ Free Festivals. Big cities generally have great festivals you can attend for cheap or even free such as the Edinburgh Fringe festival or the Thames festival. These usually include music and the arts, food, drink along with a great vibe!

Here are some of our ideas for a cheap but meaningful date! Can you think of any more? Please comment below. It would be great to add some more to the list!

PlentyMoreFish 🙂

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