How honest are you?

According to various statistics,  1 in 6 people have met their spouse online. This demonstrates to us exactly how important it is to be honest in your plentymorefish profile.  Surely it will only hinder your dates success when the person in question realises that you’re not actually 6ft but 5ft 7 instead!? This will most probably be a turn-off —not the fact that you’re not 6ft but the fact that you lied. It shows the other person your ability to lie, along with your lack of self confidence which together makes for an unattractive catch!

By honest, we mean telling NO lies. However, this does not mean that you have to reveal your entire life story. It isn’t about fibbing but about leaving very personal details for further down the line. It is far better to know someone in “real-life” before pouring your heart out to them about your terrible ex! You should ask yourself; would you go up to a stranger in the street and start telling them your life story? Probably not! So, don’t do it on online dating.

Leaving something to the imagination is a very attractive quality!

Happy fishin’! x

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One response to “How honest are you?”

  1. Anna Morgan says :

    Yeah, I have used dating sites and sometimes guys will say; “I want to find someone because I am currently really lonely.”

    Well, I can understand but at the same time it’s not exactly a turn on. I think give enough information in your profile to make conversation but leave out this really personal stuff till you get to know them??!

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