Dating tip of the day: Guys, get a dog.

Right, I will start by saying; never get a dog for this reason alone. Make sure you actually want a dog in the first place and can care for it correctly. A dog is for life, not just for a “pulling” strategy. 😉 Right, now I have cleared that up, let me begin…

Dogs, they’re a mans best friend, but also very powerful woman magnets. This became particularly apparent yesterday when out walking my friends dog. I realise I cannot speak for all women but when a nice looking pooch walks past there’s a good chance I’ll stop to pet it. This often gave enough time for conversation to be made between the owner and myself. OK, so it might be something like; “Aww, what’s his/her name?” but who knows, this could spark off further interesting chat. In the meantime, your dogs could also become buddies, drawing both of you together like Roger and Anita from “One Hundred and One Dalmatians.” Hmph. Maybe I’m dreaming now…

The truth is, nice friendly dogs tend to pull on our heartstrings and I think we can be attracted to men based on the type of dog they have. For me, if I guy is a dog owner it means he has various attractive qualities by generally showing that he has a sensitive, nurturing and caring side. I would like to hear what the men out there think about this? Have you ever had first hand experience of meeting someone when out walking your dog? I would also like to hear whether other women would generally agree with me? Also…has anyone got a real life story comparable to One Hundred and One Dalmatians? ahhh 🙂

Jen from PlentyMoreFish x

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