“Would like to meet: The truth about internet dating”

Wow! Finally, an article revealing the real truth about online dating!

The sooner dating sites start becoming more honest with their members, the better!

We are positive that many dating sites would disprove of some of the comments made by Rhodri Marsden but to everyone @ PlentyMoreFish, he’s absolutely spot on.

Our research shows that most people don’t respond that well to the “hearts and flowers” approach adopted by the big players. You simply can’t expect a computer to match you with your future partner, you can only measure how well you match with a person through the chemistry on an actual date. Too many companies focus on this computerized “matching”.

We love the way this article describes online dating as a lottery. Online dating is simply another platform for dating, it’s a numbers game and hasn’t got any power over meeting someone in a bar. Oh, apart from allowing members a greater choice of potential dates… and perhaps without the beer goggles 😛

“In 1966, The Supremes explained to us that you can’t hurry love. Sixteen years later Phil Collins concurred: “You just have to wait,” he sang, additionally noting that love don’t come easy. Those words of wisdom still apply, and particularly so if you’re one of those participating in the seemingly eternal worry-go-round of internet dating.

The adverts for such services, featuring blissfully happy couples pushing each other on swings, would have us believe otherwise. eHarmony likes to stress how many members get married as a result of being matched via the service (236 every day, according to data gathered in the US in 2008.) Match.com did a survey last year indicating that an impressive 58,500 people found a partner on the site over a 12-month period – and they still offer a six-month guarantee of “finding love”, albeit underlined (understandably) by a 500-word list of conditions.” Read more…


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