Are fears keeping you single?

After a break up many of us require time to heal in order to regain our confidence once more as everyone knows breakups can leave you feeling pretty weak and fearful of future relationships.

It is really important to give yourself this time. As much as you hate the phrase “time is a healer” it is too true. You don’t want to carry over problems from your past relationship to your future one which could lead to pushing away your new partner.

Too many many times I hear; “I’m never going to meet the right person”, “I’m so scared of losing them” or “What if they are just like my ex?!”

Stop panicking! If you carry on holding these negative thoughts, you’re not doing yourself any good in the dating pond. Harsh but true. You will end up pushing partners away. Even if you don’t talk about your fears, your partner will no doubt sense them. Your attitude will change around them through worrying too much or accidentally becoming jealous or possessive. It is advisable that you give yourself enough time for your emotions to settle. It sounds really clichéd but learning to love yourself and knowing that you are in fact a good catch will no doubt draw in more prospective partners.

At we know that it is totally up to you to overcome your relationship fears. We know that everyone deals with it in their own individual way. We are however here to provide you with a large selection of potential dates  when you feel ready to take the plunge back into the dating pond (it’s not called PlentyMoreFish for nothing!). With our sites simple and easy to use layout (as rated by our members) we try to make your time back on the “dating scene” a little easier and less nerve- racking.

PlentyMoreFish X

Happy Fishin’

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