Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Do you remember when your pet goldfish died and your mum secretly replaced it with another?

She thought it would go unnoticed but you knew there was something different about Goldie didn’t you!?

When a relationship comes to an end, you can’t just replace it with replica one. Your relationship will be totally different, just like Goldie II.

Sally knew there was something different about Goldie...

… but isn’t this what makes a relationship interesting? Getting to know someone completely different?

By all means, we believe that you should give yourself a break after a relationship and let time do its stuff. The last thing you want to do is drag out the negativities from your past relationship into your current one.

However, when you have given yourself sufficient time to recover, throw yourself back into the dating pond. As daunting as it may sound, it will do wonders to get your confidence back after a painful break up.

We understand that finding someone new may not prove particularly easy but this does not mean that you should stop casting your net. You may even throw most of them out before you find the one worth keeping!

It is for this reason that you should never give up looking. One successful online dater stated that; “People moan about being single but all they do is sit on their sofa and watch TV all night.”

This is so true. If you are not out there fishing then how do you ever expect to catch anything?

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