More about our members…

Recently, we conducted a quick fire survey giving us some very insightful information as to what our members are actually like!

The questions were #completelyrandom but led to some very interesting thoughts all the same!

Good news is…you are all pretty genuine. 91% of you would choose love over money which is very nice to know!

At we do give our members the option to include their income in the profile section. Is this something that should remain?  I suppose in many ways these quick fire questions have led us onto  further questions. To what extent does your prospective partners financial situation matter? Would you prefer them to have a similar income to yourself? All comments welcome at the end of this post! 🙂

Not lovin' the mornings!

If you are going on a date with a fellow PlentyMoreFish member, we would recommend that you went out in the evening! Only 26% of you claimed to be morning people! So that’s the full english fry up out the window…boo!

<<———-Is this a typical member?! I’m tired just looking at him!

I was quite surprised to see that many of you preferred brunettes rather than blondes. A whopping 67% in fact! A nice surprise all the same ~ as I am brunette (woohoo!) So how much do our members value looks? Well, according to our survey, 71% of you would choose brains over beauty. Physical attraction obviously plays a part to a certain extent but I think if your date cannot hold a decent conversation then what are you going to do? You can’t just stare at their incredibly attractive face for the entire duration!

Luckily, all our members like to wash. Which is fab news! However, 60% of you would rather shower than bath. I suppose if your not a morning person, you probably won’t be up in time to have a bath! Or…maybe we just have a very musical bunch at PlentyMoreFish and you prefer showers so you

can practice your vocal chords?! hmm……….

I am VERY pleased to announce *drum roll* that only 3% of you preferred Speedos over trunks. I’m so glad its not just me who thinks that Speedos are quite possibly one of the ugliest things ever invented! To the 3% : why?!

You need somewhere to wear these trunks (or dare I say…speedos). Quite probably on a holiday. Most of you would choose a beach over mountains and sun over snow. Pretty good choice I say…the snow might be a bit chilly in those speedos!

So, what did you take from this? Here’s a brief summary…

You want a brunette with brains who can sleep in late and have a quick shower rather than a bath, enjoys going to sunny beaches whilst wearing trunks (if a guy-obviously!) and who is out for love rather than your money.

Tadaa! Hope this useful information comes in handy! 🙂 Get in touch if you have any thoughts on the above, we love hearing from you…

From everyone at the PlentyMore Towers!

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