First date stresses!

You have just got back from a  first date  and chances are (if your anything like me) your lying in bed cringing about some of the awkward moments or wondering why on earth they would want to meet you again after that terrible joke you told!

“Surely a joke can’t be bad enough to put someone completely off you?“- I hear you say.

No? Well test this one out and see where it gets you…

Q: Why was the chicken happy?

A: Everything was eggcellent.


Yup, told you it was bad

The thing is though, what’s the point in stressing out about the date? There’s nothing you can do now so just chill out. The other party is probably feeling equally embarrassed about some of the things they said and it is highly likely that only you found the things you said awkward.

You may start to ask yourself the following questions;

“Why aren’t they getting in touch?”

“Oh dear, I hope I wasn’t too tipsy.”

“Did I say anything stupid? “

Seriously, don’t drive yourself crazy by getting worked up trying to understand whether the person likes you or not. We often  get so hooked up on whether they like us we don’t even consider whether we actually liked them that much in the first place!

There is no point panicking about all of these as there really are plenty more fish in the sea!

When you start dating, I think it is a good idea to keep your options open in the first place anyway. I don’t think you should close yourself off to other opportunities. So what if one date didn’t go amazingly well?…go try another!

Wanna hear another cool joke? Yup, you heard my last one…OF COURSE you do!

Q: What did the mermaid do last Sunday night?

A: She went to sea a movie.

…and this is  exactly what happened when I told the joke to the PlentyMore Team:

Happy Fishin’ 🙂

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