How to master your online dating profile

You  have just got home after two weeks of fun in the sun. You have uploaded a picture of the new bronzed you, you have winked like you have never winked before and you have even got your friend to check over your profile.

Still, no message from your ideal partner.

No need to stress! Online dating, just like offline dating can be a game and chances are; you are probably not playing it right.

To ensure that you are maximising your profile I have offered you with some advice.

First and foremost…

Don’t Panic!

Unnoticed winks? Unsuccessful dates? As I mentioned before, online dating can be a bit of a game. Seriously, don’t let it get you down. Just think, each person you meet brings you closer to the person with whom your meant to be.

Ensure your profile isn’t a turn-off

Most people shy away from people who post aggrandizing personal shots or write themselves to perfection. Try and write a profile that it unique to you by informing prospective dates about various hobbies and likes. Try to refrain from telling the world what you are looking for. People will decide themselves whether they are suited to you from your profile. To be honest, being yourself is probably the most important tip I have to offer!

Evaluate your expectations

Check that your preference settings are realistic and broaden your scope accordingly. For example; ask yourself why you have to stay limited to the city? Why you need to date a girl/guy of particular height? Oh and for goodness sake, why you “need to date a girl with blue eyes”

Avoid full disclosure

Remember that you are in fact, dealing with a perfect stranger. It goes without saying that you should NEVER disclose personal details such as inheritance or bank details. On a lighter note,  keep your communication reasonably light. In my experience, it often leaves the other party wanting more.

Pssssssttt! Did you know…?

You are most likely to find what you are looking for on smaller sites like PlentyMoreFish. Too often, profiles get overlooked on the higher trafficked dating sites.

Happy Fishin’ 🙂

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