2nd Base: The Message

So, you have winked, he has winked back (because it is OK to wink first, ladies ;)!)

What do you do now?

Drop them a message. Why not? You have absolutely nothing to lose. Yes, it may be slightly nerve racking but someone’s got to do it!

*Message box pops up* Argh!

Ok, don’t panic, he/she is just a normal human being (please read my post “Our Ethos”).

So, Subject. It doesn’t have to be anything amazing or super original. Remember, you are not writing a novel. I would stick with “Hi [insert name here]”. In fact, here is an example of a message I would send to start off a conversation:

Just take it easy. If you saw the funniest clip on YouTube and even if he/ she totally needs to see it, probably refrain from adding this to the message chain at this point. I recommend going with the flow.

Oh, and one top tip: don’t go adding them on Facebook unless they suggest it. This may come across as a little bit stalker-ish. Just because you find them on Facebook, it doesn’t mean it’s cool to add them as a “friend” just yet.

Hmm…I wonder if Richie has messaged back……..

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