Sorry, did you say stigma?

Since its inception, the online dating world has endured the stigma of being reserved only for the socially awkward or unattractive members of society. I am pretty (very) pleased to tell you that this is definitely not the case. I mean, you just have to look at the members of  a subscription site like ourselves to realise that the stigma associated with online dating is unfairly applied. A couple of posts down, you will find messages from some of our exceedingly happy members and I can assure you, they are just like you and me! 🙂

Nowadays, the little stigma that may exist is diminishing rapidly. The Telegraph state that 9 million people have subscribed to online dating sites in the UK alone and that the stigma has passed its “sell-by date”.  Most people know at least one person who has either been or still is a member of a dating site. I went for coffee with friend a couple of days ago and I asked her if she had told many others  about her jump into the online dating pool. She looked at me with a blank look upon her face and said; “Yeah, why?- shouldn’t I of?” I could tell that the social stigma had not even crossed her mind. The common misconception suggesting that  individuals cannot hold a relationship down in the real world  I now know not to be true, I mean she has had a number of long-term relationships.

My mum has always told me; “You will never meet the right sort of man in a club- they are only after one thing!!!” So, where do you meet them? Answer: Online dating site. Why not? Many singles around the world are newly embracing online dating as a legitimate means to finding what they are looking for.

Example: Jennifer Aniston. Is she a sore sight to the eyes or incapable of socialising in the real world? Errm…hardly! Well, she has reportedly paid a six-sum figure to Kelleher International to help her find her man. Word on the grapevine suggests that Charlie Sheen, Matthew Perry and Joan Rivers are also jumping on the online dating bandwagon.

My advice is stop umm-ing and arr-ing over what you think people may think of online dating. It’s a new, cool and refreshing way to meet new people. So why not take a jump into our massive pool where you will be sure to find PlentyMoreFish!

Happy Fishin’ ! 🙂

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