Safe Dating

We care massively about the safety of all our members. This is why our little team at PlentyMoreFish work very hard to ensure every online profile is legitimate.

I have scoured various other dating sites and feel that there is not enough quality information out there about keeping safe online. Therefore, I have decided to write this entry to give you greater insight on what to look out for. Before I go on i would like to make the point that remaining safe online is just as important as remaining safe offline. No more or no less. I found this article that sums my point up pretty well 🙂

Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty…

Firstly, I will begin by stating the obvious. Be aware that anything you put on your actual profile is visible to all members. You should never make your address, phone number or email address public information. For our members, our on-the-ball moderators would remove information like this for your safety before your profile is actually published. Also never ever give out your financial information. Again, our moderators remove this in a flash before publication for your safety.

Now I have got these out of the way I want to tell you about scammers. I’m not going to hold back…scammers are proper nasty little critters that will try everything in their power to con you out of money, mostly found on the free online dating sites due to the lack of moderation that goes on there. They are pretty easy to spot as they will usually declare their undying love for you after only a couple of weeks and then try and persuade you to send over money for their “flight” to come and see you or for their “sick relative” or for some other fabricated financial difficulty they are experiencing.  Luckily, PlentyMoreFish members receive high protection from these nasties. We have a strong filtering process which is carried out by manually checking each and every profile. Also, with subscription sites like us, the credit card name must match the members name creating yet further protection for our members. 🙂

Personally, I feel that greater awareness of possible scams is needed amongst members to ensure greater safety online. We feel that greater knowledge will mean as members, you will be vigilant enough to spot a scammer a mile off. As the article I linked you to earlier suggests, lying online is just the same as lying in a bar. The only difference is, a different platform is being used. As long as you are as safe online as you are when your in a bar you will have a great, fun safe experience when dating online!

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