Success Stories

I love hearing from our members. It is always great to get feedback so we can constantly update and improve our service and give you the best experience possible.  Of course, hearing from people who have found what they are looking for on PlentyMoreFish makes me and our little team at the PlentyMore Towers feel fab as we know  that what we do is beneficial.

Anyway, here are some of my fave messages this week. Aaahhhhhhh ❤

Ann say’s; “We gelled on our first date, as we walked along the beach together, the conversation was so easy and after having coffee and a long chat we spent most of the day together”

“What you have here is exceptional and thank you so much for helping me to make what I feel is a new future” From LilyLou

Paul says; “Thanks to your services, I have now found the perfect woman…!! I never thought this would happen on a website!”

“Not had much luck on other dating sites however I am just coming up to the end of 1 month and have met an amazing guy on here! I will recommend this site to all my single friends.” From Tessa

Thanks for your messages guys, they really are important to us. Keep them coming! 🙂 x

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