Celeb Sun, Sand and Sea Survey

As some of you may know, we recently conducted a celeb sun, sea and sand survey with some very interesting results!  We now know that a staggering 67% of women would most like to see Barack Obama in his trunks.  So here you go ladies…ENJOY

(N.B. The choices were between: Bill Clinton, Boris Johnson, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair so I suppose this may explain his win!)

Guys, you picked Holly Willoughby as your fave TV presenter to see in a bikini so this ones for you… (try not to drool over the keyboard!)

From our results,  men would most like to jet off on holiday with Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie but less likely to holiday with Penelope Cruz. When asked the same question ladies, you wanted to jet off with George Clooney- not a bad choice at all!  You would least like to jet off with Russell Brand even though you listed a comedian as your favourite celebrity date.

PlentyMoreFish.com wishes you a sizzlin’ summer of love. Who knows who will whisk you off your feet this summer!?- perhaps a Jessica Alba or George Clooney lookalike 😉

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