Seize the day

Here is a genuine story from a user who, along with the lady in the story, have a lesson for us all I reckon. It’ll make you think about the rarity of opportunities and just grabbing them when they present themselves. If you ever wondered if online dating really works, wonder no longer…

“Well I went on line one Saturday morning a few weeks ago and spotted someone all the way up in Humberside looking at me over the top of her glasses in her photo and I thought, “ah someone who looks at the world in the same way as me” I got chatting to her that morning for four hours and, on the basis that we are not getting any younger, we ended up arranging to go to Bruges for a weekend, which I sorted for about two weeks after. We met for the first time at the hotel in Dover, got on like a house on fire, had great weekend, she came back down to Southampton after we got back for a couple of days and has been down twice since. She is coming back tomorrow for another weekend and we will take it from there. Shame about the 200 miles in between but what the heck. Lifes too short.”

What a story. Truly inspiring. I don’t know about you, but I am completely humbled by their spontaneity, zest, and willingness to seize the day, trust to luck and just see what happens. I’d wish you both good luck with your future, but it seems you are quite capable of making your own.

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