Success with Plenty More Fish – Emma & Chris

So you’d like to know the story of Chris and I getting together………
Well, it all started with Chris sending me a message online saying he liked the look of my profile and would love to chat sometime as we seem to have common interests. We spent 3 hours chatting online that evening, from discussing our favourite foods, films & music, to places that we’ve travelled and places that we’d like to visit. The next day we exchanged numbers and began texting. I loved the fact that he could make me laugh (one of the most important things I was looking for in a partner) and he says I brightened up his day. Everything just felt so right, so that evening I decided to give him a call! We chatted & laughed for over 2 hours.
Later that week we arranged to meet up at a local pub on Sunday afternoon. It was a lovely sunny day. I’d told my housemate where I was going and said I’ll probably be a couple of hours at the most. How wrong was I?! We ended up getting on so well that the time flew by and 4 hours later we decided to have some dinner together at the pub. There were no awkward silences, the conversation flowed and we both made each other laugh. I was very attracted to Chris, he was tall and had lovely broad shoulders. I just wanted to cuddle him!!
We spoke on the phone every day until our second date a week later. Chris chose what we were doing because I said I chose the pub that we went to on the Sunday, so he booked for us to go bowling.
It was all going very well, until I went to bowl my third ball and threw the ball behind me!! Whoops!! I was so embarrassed!! Chris just came up and hugged me and we both burst out laughing!!
Later that night, after we’d been for dinner we shared our first kiss! :-)I was so happy! Chris sent me a lovely message when he got home that evening telling me how much he’d enjoyed spending time with me and how happy he was too!
We’ve been inseparable ever since, spending nearly every weekend together and evenings during the week, cuddling up on the sofa after work. We’ve met each others friends and families and everyone has said how happy we both look. We have a policy between us that we’re open and honest because life is too short and we’re looking at moving in together before Christmas which we’re both excited about!
I guess we’ve both got Global Personals to thank for bringing us together, so a massive THANK YOU guys!! :-)
I would tell anyone else looking for love online to just be yourself. Be open and honest, and ALWAYS make sure you speak to somebody on the phone before you arrange to meet them, as you need to know that conversation can flow between you, as its not the same emailing or texting.
And most importantly, you’ll just know when its right! I did!!
Thanks again,
Emma x

Congratulations to Emma & Chris who met on Plenty More Fish. Wishing you both a very happy future together. x

Success with Plenty More Fish – Sarah & Dev

Well it started on a Wednesday with a wink from Dev so I viewed his profile, which was very short, just one line in fact!! but I liked his photo so I messaged him back to thank him for the wink and asked him if he was a man of few words, we started chatting on line and the next day he asked for my number so we could talk, and boy did we talk!!! we just seemed to click straight away so arranged to meet for coffee at my local Costas the next day which was a Friday, we spent 3 hours together chatting and laughing, we both had the same sense of humour and it felt very comfortable being with him right from the off, (although he was shaking like a leaf!!) which was great to use as a tease from my point of view, he called me as soon as he got home to tell me how happy he felt and that he couldn’t stop smiling, so this is now what we ask each other all the time…. are you still smiling? He also asked me if he could take me for Sunday lunch, this date was when we shared our first proper kiss and it has just got better and better. We see each other all the time now and have plans to spend Christmas together with my sister and her family, and we have also booked a romantic long weekend away in January to Oxford, so both our hopes for the future is that the love we already feel continues to grow and that we have both found our forever partner, and it’s all thanks to the dating site.
I have attached a couple of photos but if you need to know anything else then please email me
Thank you again
Sarah Canty

Congratulations to Sarah & Dev who met on Plenty More Fish.


Success with Plenty More Fish – Karen and Stefan

Ok where can I begin without being corny……….yes you can find love no matter what, age, size, nationality or looks you have just give it a go and trust in yourself and have fun looking. It took me a little Dutch courage to press that button to say send but soooooo pleased I did. I was not sure what to do and how to begin so went with reading profiles on gentlemen in and around my area found a couple but there was one in particular guy so I sent a wink………And he winked back and we started to message each other then Stefan gave me his mobile no to txt him and so I did then we started to talk on the phone and we just clicked it felt good and comfortable.

All this in two weeks not bad hey. I was scared and very nervous to meet him this would be the first date I’ve had with a new man stranger for 29 years. But what can I loose except insanity. Well we had arranged to meet on Sunday the 29th and I was driving down to meet him. Well It did not go to plan as I was so nervous the night before. On the way to work I crashed my car full on to a motorbike (he was fine) I was shaken up and in pain I did not know who to call so scared so a lady helping me called Stefan (yep my date) as I asked her too. Like a gentleman he is he drove straight down not really knowing each other to help me (buy the way he lives 12 miles from me ) and turned up to help are first meeting was me in pain in a police car and Stefan on his knees at the car making sure I was safe…sweet hay. He drove me home that night to make sure I was home save I invited him in for coffee and well that night was are first kiss and wow he stole my heart from that moment and that evening.

It’s been 5 months now and still going strong to thank Stefan I took him to London for the weekend and it was amazing we really got to know each other and still are. In may he’s moving in with us (yep my two girls too) so looking forward to are new lives together and well will see where it leads hey.

Like I said ladies and gentleman love is out there for all of us just keep trying and take that challenge we did.

Congratulations to Stefan & Karen who met on Plenty More Fish.

Wishing you both a very happy future together. x


Success with Plenty More Silver Fish – Maurice and Sally

“Our first contact was when I winked at Sally and she wrote back to me.
We were attracted to each other as we are both widowed having both cared for our partners for several years before losing them
 and live very close to each other.
We met at a local village pub and had a meal and spent several hours chatting as we had so much in common,
and parted with a kiss. Within a few weeks it developed into a relationship and we are so happy together.
We have been on many dates, meals, cinema, concerts, National Trust properties and a wedding.
We had a long weekend in Chester in November and spent Christmas and New Year with each other.
We have met each others families and they are happy for us.
We are off to Windsor for the weekend to celebrate seven months together and off to the Amalfi Coast in Italy in The Summer.
We spend a lot of time together and are very happy we have met through this site.
Tell everyone don’t give in as one day you will find the right person as we have.”
Maurice and Sally :-)

Congratulations to Maurice & Sally who met on Plenty More Silver Fish. Wishing you both a very happy future together. x


Success with Plenty More Fish – Martyn & Julie

Martyn & Julie met on PlentyMoreFish

Congratulations to Martyn & Julie who met on Plenty More Fish. Wishing you both a very happy future together. x

“Hello . I’d like to tell you all our success story of our new relationship. Martyn first contacted me back in beginning of February. He said the moment he saw me he knew I was the girl for him. Believe it or not he said my hair first attracted him to me. For me it was his funny sense of humour. He always makes me laugh. Our first date he took me to a chinese restaurant. Afterwards we shared our first kiss outside the restaurant. Since then we’ve been on many many dates. The first being the clifton suspension bridge followed by the zoo and shopping in cardiff. He was so desperate to see me that he drove 64 miles there and back with a broken clutch. Thankfully it’s fixed now. Our plans for the future is that we stay together and have a bright future together. We’ve booked a holiday to Bournemouth in the summer and are planning a winter break to tenerife later on in the year. All I’d like to say to everyone is don’t give up hope as there’s someone out there for everyone. Happy dating. It worked for us and it can work for you.”

Congratulations to Martyn & Julie who met on Plenty More Fish. Wishing you both a very happy future together. x


Plenty More Fish is back on TV with a fab new ad

Dating Goggles!!!!! Maybe one day…

The Art of Snogging

The Art of Snogging

There aren’t many people in this world who don’t like to be kissed (we hope). Kissing is an evolutionary tool, one that creates a bond between two people long enough so they procreate and thereby ensuring the survival of mankind.  This may seem a little clinical but that’s what Mother Nature intended.

Yet, it seems it’s not quite as straightforward as simply puckering up and “Voila!” we have a relationship. Recent studies revealed that 59% of men and 66% of women say they have ended a new relationship because of the other person’s sorry snogging style. Have you ever stopped seeing someone because of this? (We have to admit, we have!). But how do you know if you are indeed a Krappy Kisser? And, what can you do to improve it? Apparently, quite a lot judging from a little web search we conducted.

Here are some of the top tips we came across:

1. Pay attention to your partner

It goes without saying that you should be in the moment, not ogling around you to see what’s on the TV, or worse, checking out other potentials in the bar.  Close your eyes and enjoy the sensation.

2. Start out slow

Going in like Great White hunting a seal, is sure to put your kissing buddy off for life. Focus on small areas first. Kiss a little bit around the mouth and nibble and suck the lips gently, use your tongue sparingly.  Build up the passion slowly and you’ll both get into the rhythm very soon.

3. Tongue technique is key

Kissing may also be called Tonsil Tennis but for the love of Cupid, don’t even think about it. EVER! NEVER EVVAAA! Your tongue should be a sensual explorer of your partner’s mouth, not a spoon stirring a pot of yoghurt or a lump of slippery meat hanging there to dry. Mix it up, be playful.

4. Spit Stop

It may be difficult to keep your saliva in check when you are snogging someone but it’s well worth the effort. Daters list too much saliva during kissing as one of their top turn offs, right behind…

5. Bad breath

It’s pretty obvious that smelling like the back end of a badger won’t win you popularity points. Bad breath is often seen as an indicator of poor health, which means your partner is unlikely to choose you for a longer stint. So make sure you look after your mouth, pay regular visits to your dentist and keep off the garlic before a date.

So, there you have it.

Join in on the conversation. We’d love for you to share your good / bad kissing stories with us, so you drop us a comment!


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